Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apples Anyone

I love fall. I love fall in the Midwest best. The colors, smells, crisp air,This past weekend Wood and I took the girls and the grand kids apple picking. There is a grove not far from his place in Indiana. We thought that it would be a fun thing to do with all the kids. There is nothing like taking a group of kids out. Wood has 6 grand kids but only 4 could come plus my 2 girls made a group of 6. Well I took off to his daughters house to pick up two and he went to his sons house to pick up the other two. Once we had the kids we went to the orchard for some picking. We had no idea that it would be so busy but it was. There was a band playing country rock music, horse rides and hay rides. This place had rows and rows of apple trees of all kinds. Sadly my favorite, honey crisp, was already past season. The kids enjoyed themselves climbing the trees for the apples and throwing them down to us. Once they had filled their bags we went on to weigh them and pay for what we had picked. Those kids had picked almost 100 pounds of apples. Everyone went home with 1/2 bushel. The kids had a a good time and so did we. So what to do with so many apples?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Adult time

Boy do I need a weekend with out the girls. They are few and far between. Dipshit is not the kind of person that wants to be with his kids. Or so it seems. He always has an excuse why he can not take them for the weekend. This will be the last weekend I can take for a few weeks too. On the 15th I have my hysterectomy. So I can't just take off and leave for a few weeks. Wood better look out too. I plan on relaxing putting my feet up and taking it easy. Maybe we can take in a movie too. We did the last time I didn't have the girls boy it was nice too.

Update on Brownie:
She is doing fantastic. She is up moving around and feeling a bunch better. She is even going upstairs again at night without help. Next week I plan to take her for walks.