Monday, July 26, 2010

Eleven More Days

Eleven more days till the divorce is complete. It has been a long painful road. More pain then what I wanted or needed, but in the time I have grown. The pain was to be expected. Any time you involve splitting apart a family there will always be pain.

Its been a long while since I have wrote. So here is the cliff notes to the last 18 months. Last May Wood and I had a bit of a falling out but we have worked through most of it. Danielle was very ill and spent last summer in the hospital and had gone into renal failure but has recovered completely. I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas by myself mostly due to the fact that Wood's family are having some issues of their own. Dipshit moved out of the house in March but has been paying all the utility bills. He filed bankruptcy at the last minute in December when this divorce should have been over so it put everything on hold for a bit longer. His lawyer quit on him so he is doing it himself. I have been looking for a job but have not found one so I will be looking into applying for government help. I hate the fact that I am doing this. It is not the way how I was raised. You worked for what you had. But I can see no other way. I do want to go to school and will be looking into that also. Kathrina's ADHD has now been changed to Bipolar/ADHD. Sarah is getting some extra help at school for her ADD. The house has been foreclosed on and we have about a year left in it due to the amount of foreclosures in the area. Which is good Danielle has one year left in school then she will be moving on with her life, I hope. So there you go the cliff notes.

Here I stand with eleven more days being married for all the wrong reasons, getting divorced for the right ones and looking to the future with my eyes open to the possibilities.

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