Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was one of my best friend's birthday. We had lunch together and talked about how old we were growing. We set a date to meet another friend that I have kept in contact with over the years. I was thinking about the friends that I have. I have really close friends, good friends, old friends and Internet friends. Some have children the same age as my oldest and some have children younger. Each of us have faced different trials and rewards. We have relied on each other for support, guidance and friendship. Some have come and gone in my life and some I have reconnected after a long period of time. In our lives, many of us out grow some friendships and some of them we grow into them. Friends of old come and go in our lives like memories. We see each other from time to time talk about old times catch up with our lives and see were we have gone. Our paths are different, some smooth and some rocky. We laugh together about the old times and see each other in a different light. There are different groups of friend that have come in my life at different times. There are the ones that I got to know when I was on a bowling league. We remained in touch with each other from time to time. See each other around town. One became a very good friend that moved but we still talk to each other at least twice a week. One I see everyday when I take my girls to school. We chat with each other and promise to call when we have time. Seems like the time is never there both of us living very busy lives. There are my friends who are on-line. Though we have never met I still have connected with each of them Most are younger than me some near my age but still we have a common bond. Motherhood. We talk about raising our families what is going on in our lives bounce ideas off each other, cry about our disappointments, laugh at our mistakes. We send each other Christmas cards, birth announcements, party invitations. We tell each other our secrets and plans. My friends come in different sizes, different places, different ways, but best of all they are my friends and I thank the Gods for them for without them I would be empty.


Liberal I am. Bona fide I be. said...

Great blog Ren!! I know what you mean. I miss my girl of 15+ years. We used to be together every single day.

JamericanSpice said...

Ps. go to my blog. You've been tagged. Not that you Have to do but you should know.